Commercial Concrete

A & M Concrete Construction is the trusted commercial concrete contractor of Northeastern Wisconsin. Whether you need a foundation poured for your office building or you’re looking into concrete lots, A & M has the experience and reputation for the job.

Concrete Slabs, Foundation and Floors

A & M Concrete Construction, Inc., executes commercial projects with a time-tested process for maximum return on investment. When laying a concrete slab for an office or retail environment, there are many variables to handle. A & M has the know-how and planning to build the immovable foundations of your business. Our step-by-step process involves:

  • Compacting the subgrade
  • Building the forms
  • Positioning reinforcement
  • Designing a precise concrete mix
  • Adding air entrainment
  • Placing of control joints
  • Allowing sufficient curing time
  • Extensive cleanup

Contact A & M

For all your commercial concrete requirements, trust A & M Concrete Construction. Contact us or call 920-833-1808 for more information. And visit our partner at A & M Buildings for all your construction needs.