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A & M Concrete Construction, Inc., promises long-lasting results for driveway replacements, driveway repair, stamped concrete, decorative concrete and more. For all your non-concrete construction needs, visit our partner at A & M Buildings.

Driveway Replacement

Have years of use left your driveway an unsightly rock pit? It may be time for a complete driveway replacement. A & M Concrete Construction, Inc., can make your driveway good as new.

A fresh concrete driveway offers homeowners many advantages. When properly placed, concrete is versatile, durable, low-maintenance and cost-effective, with many driveways lasting 30+ years. Our intensive process guarantees outstanding results every time we replace a driveway.


We begin by stripping old asphalt to start fresh. Next, a gravel base is added and compacted with a vibratory plate compactor. This provides a firm foundation for a long time to come. We then secure lumber side forms, place proper sized rebar with proper spacing and wire tie rebar together to ensure it stays in place. Everything is leveled with the current garage slab and sidewalk. These preparatory steps guarantee a solid result.


Using our own premium custom mix design for all driveways, the concrete is placed promptly and smoothed with magnesium screeds. We make sure to not overwork the surface, as this could weaken the slab. We tool the edges into the concrete and finish the surface with a concrete broom.

Curing and Care

With the concrete drying, the job’s not done yet. To increase durability, the concrete is cured using the highest quality cure and seal, maximizing strength and durability. Joints are then cut into new concrete. When necessary, A & M will apply a high-quality sealer to prevent deterioration from freezing and thawing.

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Through our attentive, step-by-step process, A & M Concrete guarantees an attractive, durable driveway for years to come. Contact us for more information.