Agricultural Concrete

Agricultural concrete has been the cornerstone of A & M since 1999. Not only is our concrete designed to handle the repeated abuse of farm machinery, but it also resists the harmful effects of freezing and thawing.

We don’t rush jobs here. In our business, an hour of skipped labor can shave years off the lifespan of a slab. A & M takes the time to form a solid gravel base, maintaining an even slab depth throughout. Concrete is poured, compacted and finished. Joints are placed to limit cracking, and all surfaces are cured for maximum durability. In the end, you’ve got a smooth, high-integrity surface that is easy to clean.

A & M lays concrete designed for:

  • Parlors
  • Waste Storage
  • Feed Storage
  • Barn yards
  • Free-Stall Barns
  • Workshop floors

No matter your concrete requirements, A & M delivers satisfying bases for your work. That is why we consistently receive positive feedback and referrals.

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